The Association of Registered Accountants and Accounting Consultants (Samenwerkende Registeraccountants & Accountant-Administratieconsulenten; SRA) is the largest organisation of independent accounting firms in the Netherlands. We have been a member of SRA since its establishment. SRA membership also represents a quality guarantee, as this organisation oversees the quality of the services provided by affiliated firms. For further information, visit


We are an active member of i2an, which is an international alliance of accounting firms with a presence in an ever-growing number of countries. The members are independent accountants and consultants with extensive experience in international business. Together with i2an, we are able to assist you with conducting business abroad both now and in the future. For further information, visit


Other alliances

As the scope of our firm's activities is limited to accounting, consulting and tax services, we have entered into strategic alliances with a range of other specialists.